The Tecnoimprese s.r.l. Group is a dynamic company operating in the general construction and engineering sector; it is registered in Turin in Corso Matteotti n.42 and its operations centre is in the San Mauro Torinese industrial area in Via Emilia n. 17.

The Tecnoimprese s.r.l. Group was founded in 1978 in the private sector (FIAT, banks, insurance); currently, it mainly works in the public sector in new constructions, reconstructions and maintenance.

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As mentioned above, the company works in both the field of general construction as well as that of engineering: its highly professional technicians and experts are able to resolve all problems and the fact that it directly employs workers – both in construction and engineering – is an added advantage as any building site problems can be resolved without involving other companies.

The Tecnoimprese s.r.l. Group has always ensured the highest commitment to all activities it carries out and guarantees successful completion of its works. Its qualified suppliers are continually monitored, as are all the transport and equipment necessary for the works.

The Tecnoimprese s.r.l. Group values its employees and invests in their professional growth with specially selected and evaluated training courses; particular attention is paid to building site security and the environment which is why they have been granted BS OHAS 18001:2007 certifications on work security and UNI EN ISO 140001:2004 on environmental management, as well as ISO 9001:2008 quality management system certification, on which the entire corporate activity is based as well as the awarding of the qualification of the execution of public works (S.O.A.).