Piazza X Martiri Balangero Primary School

Location: Piazza X Martiri, Balangero (Turin)
Surface area: 1,537 square metres
Year: 2013

This building is based on a completely innovative project aimed at the multi-functional use of the structure – scholastic and/or social and/or tertiary; in fact the first floor areas may also be used by external companies thanks to the independent access. This newly-constructed building stands out for the widespread use of wood – laminate for the covering structure and solid for the internal finish which resists fire for up to 60 minutes, and for the installation of a type of covering that guarantees excellent sound-proofing and thermal insulation. The energy savings aspect is completed by the installation of a photovoltaic and thermos-solar installation. The large glass surfaces, the size of the rooms and the colour schemes chosen for the interiors have created some welcoming and pleasant environments.


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